Hotel Berneau

Pets Rules

Small dogs are allowed in the hotel provided that not more than knee height (advance report). The pet (1 per room) stay with the owner´s room in a basket or sleep itself brought bench. The pet may not be on the bed or the bathroom question about hygiene. All pets must be in possession of a valid pet passport with the required vaccinations for foreign and visible wear a flea band.
The pets should not be left alone in the rooms.
Since we also other guests a quiet and pleasant stay to guarantee noisy pets are not welcome.
The owner is responsible for all damage caused by his pet with him. Longhaired dogs should not be combed in the room, this may be the buitenerf right. During the stay with a pet will be room for an electric geurverfrisser.
Outside the rooms are always the dogs leashed.
The owner is self-care for the meals of his pet.
In related to additional cleaning costs for staying with 1 pet per night € 7.50 extra charge.
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