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Services and Delivery


All rooms are equipped with a 2-bed. If desired, a separate preparation are made. Please use this booking in denial.
At your request, a crib placed for children not older than 4 years.
Additional costs € 7.50 extra charge.

Breakfast, dinner, lunch

The breakfast is served in the dining room from 8 am until 11 pm.
On request, breakfast served in your room for an additional fee of € 7 50 per breakfast.
Commencement and end of the lunch and / or dinner is done in concert.

Check in-out

There may be ingechecked from 14.00 hours.
can check out from 8.00 until 12.00.
After check out the rooms to be cleared of all personal belongings.
The hotel can not be held liable for any loss or underdeveloped property.

Luggage and transport service

After the baggage check-out some time in a separate room free of charge stored.
The hotel provides at your request a transport service to and from nearby stations or other accommodation addresses at a cost of € 7.50 per person.
By arrangement bookings are already including this additional cost.


In the hotel there is a general smoking ban.


The payment of rooms for 1 night will advance to check conditions.
The room rate includes breakfast, excluding lunch, dinner and / or drink.
There is cash settled.

Full property value

Each room is equipped with a mini safe to include your license and passport.
The vault is a service of the hotel caused by loss of the above efforts. The safe is not suitable for other valuable possessions that a high value more than € 100, - this is theft at your own risk.
Once you have a personal password chosen and safe in use has taken the hotel winch immune from liability for disposal.

Damage and theft

At misappropriation of property of the hotel will always be reported to the police. The associated costs will be charged.
Tangible damage or destruction by the user of the chamber is caused to become charged. Normal use wear and tear is excluded.


For you and all the other guests we guarantee a pleasant stay, inappropriate behavior of any kind with respect to other guests and staff, we are not appreciated.


A) Reservation of 1 or 2 rooms can e-mail or telephone. Upon receipt of your request the hotel will ask you a confirmation by email. After you´ve responded to this is the final booking. You will receive an e-mail for confirmation.
B) For reservations of 1 or 2 rooms for a period longer than 4 nights will be asked an advance of 25% of the total reservation.
After payment is the final booking. You will receive an e-mail for confirmation.
C) For reservations for more than 2 rooms icm packages a deposit of 25% required. The deposit is later deducted. Upon receipt of the advance booking is final. You will receive an e-mail for confirmation.
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